Yellow Flesh Company Limited is a Sweet Potato Company registered in the Republic of Kenya with the aim of integrating farmer training in profitable sweet potato production, market linkage & facilitation, commercial production of vines and roots, processing of sweet potatoes & promotion of sweet potato consumption.

Case for Investment : Food Security

Inadequate farmer knowledge in production, post-harvest handling and marketing means limited opportunities for smallholder farmers to extend the shelf life of their sweet potatoes, stagger harvests or add value to their produce.These factors, among others, combine and stop subsistence farmers from making the step change to commercial sweet potato farming thereby trapping them in a cycle of poverty and food insecurity. We come in by filling in these knowledge gaps and facilitate the necessary input, production, processing and marketing linkages.

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Marketing Linkage & Facilitation

We link farmers to an organized sweet potato market where they earn profitable returns for their produce. This linkage is followed up by facilitation to ensure they effectively and sustainably participate directly in the market, selling sweet potatoes and associated products to the various types of buyers in the market.

Farmer Training

We help farmers increase incomes by building their capacity to make the step change from subsistence to commercialization through targeted training in farming as a business, household food security, production, post-harvest handling, marketing and farm record keeping.

Supply of Vines and Sweet Potatoes

We are the largest suppliers of sweet potatoes and clean, young, disease free vines in the Republic of Kenya. Sweet. We have built a name and solid reputation in working with individual farmers, corporates, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), farmers organizations and County Governments

Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and rich foods ideal for healthy living. We promote sweet potato consumption through the advancement of various recipes to help households make the most out of this nutritious food.

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